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Fax: (817) 337-4237
Email: info@afabindustries.com
GMAW, FCAW, SMAW (MIG, TIG, and Stick Welding)
Plasma, Oxy-Acetylene
Size of 16'-0 x 40'-0 capacity
CNC Water-Jet Cutting
1 CNC Water-Jet Cutter
with 6’ x 12’ dimensions
Boxcar Sliding Door Line
Boxcar Plug Doors
Hopper-car Doors
Door Rebuilds
Trash Truck Bodies, Packer Blades and Accessories

  - Square and Round Body styles in various lengths,
    and configurations

  - Square and Round Body styles packer blades and accessories

Hard-Weld & Resurfacing of Rotor Cutter Blades for the Recycling Industry
Handrails, Stairways, Catwalks
Structural Framing for Commercial Structures
Fabrication of internal quench furnaces, car bottom furnaces, temper furnaces, clam shell
   furnaces, and pit furnaces.
Custom Fabrications/ Rebuilds

  - Tunnel Car assemblies used for the transportation and loading of ¼ mile lengths of steel
    rail, a 100-foot long steam press, heat exchangers for the heat-treat industry, a liquid
    cryogenic chiller, and several more custom fabrications. 

  - Provided on time service of wind tower blade support structures from the manufacture
    plant to the end destination.

A-Fab Industries is capable of working with your unique needs to fabricate any custom design or rebuild. Contact us today for a quote.