A-Fab Industries and COVID-19

Employees wearing masks during all working hours to protect themselves and others.

Due to the unexpected visit from COVID-19 in the United States, A-Fab Industries is taking this opportunity to really focus on our employees and our shop here in North Fort Worth, Texas. While it isn’t the most ideal circumstance, there have been some wonderful opportunities for growth and improvement.

COVID-19 has certainly put employee health and wellness at the forefront of our attention. We are spending a great deal of time developing new cleaning procedures for the shop and main office, while also practicing social distancing wherever possible. We also have had the added benefit of taking care of some equipment maintenance so that our shop will be running in tip top shape.

Currently we are not seeing any visitors in the main office or shop in order to protect our employees as best we can. A-Fab Industries will be conducting meetings via phone, email, or video conferencing for the time being and we hope to reopen our doors as soon as the shelter in place order is lifted and it is safe to do so.

We are blessed to be able to maintain work for our regular customers and are so thankful for their continued business. It is because of all of you that A-Fab is the successful company that we are today. Thank you for your continued support, and we pray for the health and safety of all of you.

We are Hiring!

As A-Fab Industries continues to grow and expand, so has our need to talented team members! We are currently looking for a Project Manager to work in the front office, and an experienced Fitter Welders to work in the shop.

The Project Manager will oversee all aspects of our customers projects from start to finish. Our ideal candidate will have experience in steel fabrication, CAD drawing software, and EJE Estimating Software. They will need to effectively communicate with our customers, contractors, vendors, and fellow A-Fab Employees to deliver an on-time and accurate product. A bilingual candidate would be a major plus! Click here to read more about this open position.

The Fitter-Welder position is an hourly position, with a guaranteed minimum 40 hours. We are looking for an experienced welder who can work independently once assignments are outlined and delegated. Our ideal candidate will be able to read blueprints, drawings, schematics, and work orders. This employee should be able to work in a fast-paced environment, sometimes switching from one task to another several times a day.

Both the project manager and welder positions are offered 401k benefits, all major holidays off, and paid vacation time.

If you are interested in joining our team, or would like to know more about A-Fab Industries, please contact us with your resume or visit our front office to fill out an application.

Celebrating Christmas Together!

Every year, around Christmas, we take the time to celebrate all the hard work accomplished here at A-Fab Industries! This year was no exception. Today, we gathered together for a lovely lunch, hosted by Scott & D’Lana Anderson and enjoyed each others company while reflecting on what a successful year 2018 has been.